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Get the Platinum Plan to listen in your car and stream on your devices.

Credit card and minimum subscription required.
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Enjoy a whole new level of entertainment with these features

Including 165+ in your car, plus more streaming channels.
Create Pandora Stations online and on the app based on your favorite artists*.
Exclusive programming including Howard Stern, NFL, MLB® and more.
SiriusXM video of your favorite shows including Howard Stern, online and on the app*.
100+ Xtra Channels, filled with ad-free music for every mood, available online and on the app*.
One-of-a-kind shows, concerts, hosts, themes and more.
Expertly curated podcasts for you online and on the app.

*Not available on all internet-connected devices.

Other Subscription Plans Available

Eligible SiriusXM Radios

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Visit siriusxm.com/activatenow or call 1-866-587-4225

Provide Radio ID and mention “Never Miss A Beat”

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Your Soundtrack for What’s Next.
Watch video of performances from our studios.

The widest variety of entertainment, anytime, anywhere you want it.
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SiriusXM Hits 1
Today's Pop Hits

Channel 02

Pandora Now
Today's Trending Hits from Pandora

Channel 03 - XL

SiriusXM Pitbull Globalization
Worldwide Rhythmic Hits

Channel 13

SiriusXM 50s on 5
Pop Hits

Channel 05

SiriusXM 60s on 6
Pop Hits with Cousin Brucie

Channel 06

SiriusXM 70s on 7
Pop Hits with American Top 40

Channel 07

SiriusXM 80s on 8
Pop Hits with Original MTV VJs

Channel 08

SiriusXM 90s on 9
Pop Hits with Downtown Julie Brown

Channel 09

SiriusXM Pop2k
2000s Pop Hits

Channel 10

SiriusXM The Coffee House

Channel 14

SiriusXM The Pulse
Today’s Adult Hits

Channel 15

SiriusXM PopRocks
Rock & Pop from the ’90s & 2000s

Channel 17

SiriusXM The Blend
Bright Pop Hits

Channel 16

SiriusXM Love
Love Songs

Channel 70

Road Trip Radio
Music to Drive to!

Channel 301

The Covers Channel
24/7 Cover Songs

Channel 302

SiriusXM Caliente
Hot Latin Hits

Channel 158

SiriusXM Velvet
Today’s Pop Vocalists

Channel 304

SiriusXM Venus
Pop Music You Can Move to

Channel 303

The Beatles Channel
The Fab Four, 24/8

Channel 18

SiriusXM Elvis Radio
Elvis 24/7 Live from Graceland

Channel 19

SiriusXM E Street Radio
Bruce Springsteen, 24/7

Channel 20

SiriusXM Underground Garage
Little Steven’s Garage Rock

Channel 21

SiriusXM Pearl Jam Radio
Pearl Jam, 24/7

Channel 22

SiriusXM The Grateful Dead
Grateful Dead, 24/7

Channel 23

SiriusXM Radio Margaritaville
Escape to Margaritaville

Channel 24

SiriusXM Classic Rewind
’70s/’80s Classic Rock

Channel 25

SiriusXM Classic Vinyl
’60s/’70s Classic Rock

Channel 26

SiriusXM Deep Tracks
Deep Classic Album Rock

Channel 27

SiriusXM The Spectrum
Classic Rock Meets New Rock

Channel 28

Phish Radio
The Phish Universe on SiriusXM

Channel 29

The Loft
Eclectic Rock

Channel 710

SiriusXM Tom Petty Radio
Music from Rock Icon Tom Petty

Channel 31

SiriusXM The Bridge
Mellow Classic Rock

Channel 17

SiriusXM 1st Wave
Classic Alternative

Channel 33

SiriusXM Lithium
’90s Alternative/Grunge

Channel 34

Indie & Beyond

Channel 35

SiriusXM Alt Nation
New Alternative Rock

Channel 36

SiriusXM Octane
New Hard Rock

Channel 37

SiriusXM Ozzy's Boneyard
Ozzy’s Classic Hard Rock

Channel 38

SiriusXM Hair Nation
’80s Hair Metal & Glam

Channel 39

SiriusXM Liquid Metal
Heavy Metal

Channel 40 - XL

SiriusXM Turbo
’90s/2000s Hard Rock

Channel 41 - XL

SiriusXM Jam On
Jam Bands

Channel 309

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Rock Hall Inducted Artists

Channel 310

Yacht Rock Radio
’70s/’80s Smooth-Sailing Soft Rock

Channel 311

Rock Bar
Rock & Roll Jukebox Songs

Channel 313

Faction Punk
Modern Punk

Channel 314 - XL

SXM Comes Alive
Live Classic Rock

Channel 316

SiriusXM The Joint

Channel 42

LL Cool J 's Rock the Bells'
LL COOL J’s Classic Hip-Hop

Channel 43 - XL

SiriusXM The Heat
Hot R&B & Hip-Hop

Channel 46

SiriusXM Fly
’90s & 2000s Hip-Hop/R&B

Channel 47 - XL

SiriusXM Heart and Soul
Adult R&B Hits

Channel 48

SiriusXM Hip-Hop Nation
Hip-Hop Hits

Channel 44 - XL

SiriusXM Shade 45
Eminem’s Hip-Hop Channel

Channel 45 - XL

SiriusXM The Groove
’70s/’80s R&B

Channel 50

SiriusXM BPM
Electronic Dance Music Hits

Channel 51

SiriusXM Electric Area
Future Sounds

Channel 52

SiriusXM Chill
Downtempo/Deep House

Channel 53

SiriusXM Studio54
’70s − 2000s Dance Hits

Channel 54

SiriusXM Utopia
’90s/2000s Dance Hits

Channel 341

SiriusXM The Garth Channel
Garth’s Own Channel, 24/7

Channel 55

SiriusXM Y2Kountry
2000s Country Hits

Channel 61

SiriusXM Outlaw Country
Rockin’ Country Rebels

Channel 60

SiriusXM Bluegrass Junction

Channel 62

SiriusXM Prime Country
’80s/’90s Country Hits

Channel 58

SiriusXM No Shoes Radio
Kenny Chesney’s Music Channel

Channel 57

SiriusXM The Highway
Today’s Country Hits

Channel 56

SiriusXM 40s Junction
’40s Pop Hits/Big Band

Channel 73

SiriusXM Siriusly Sinatra
Standards by Sinatra & More

Channel 71

SiriusXM Real Jazz
Classic Jazz

Channel 67

SiriusXM Symphony Hall
Classical Music

Channel 76

SiriusXM On Broadway
Show Tunes

Channel 72

SiriusXM Met Opera Radio
Opera/Classical Vocals

Channel 75

Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Radio
Standup & Talk with Kevin Hart

Channel 96 - XL

SiriusXM Comedy Greats
All-Time Greatest Comedians

Channel 94 - XL

Comedy Central
Comedy Central Uncensored

Channel 95 - XL

Jeff & Larry's Comedy Roundup
Great American Comedy

Channel 97 - XL

Laugh USA
Comedy for the Entire Family

Channel 98

Raw Dog Comedy
The Best Uncensored Comedy

Channel 99 - XL

SiriusXM NFL Radio
24/7 NFL Talk & Play-by-Play

Channel 88

SiriusXM MLB Radio
24/7 MLB® Talk & Play-by-Play

Channel 89

SiriusXM NASCAR Radio
24/7 NASCAR® Talk & Races

Channel 90

SiriusXM NBA Radio
24/7 NBA Talk & Play-by-Play

Channel 86

SiriusXM NHA Network Radio
24/7 NHL® Talk & Play-by-Play

Channel 91

SiriusXM PGA Tour
24/7 Golf Talk & Play-by-Play

Channel 92

College Sports Talk/Play-by-Play

Channel 84

ESPN Radio
Golic & Wingo/Sports Talk

Channel 80

Get Up!, First Take, and SportsCenter

Channel 81

SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio
Fantasy Sports Tal

Channel 87

Mad Dog Sports Radio
Mad Dog Russo, Morning Men

Channel 82

Bar Stool Radio
We Invented the Internet XL

Channel 85 - XL

SiriusXM FC
Soccer Talk & Play-by-Play

Channel 157

FOX Sports
The Herd/Undisputed/Live Games

Channel 83

Radio Andy
Andy Cohen & Pop Culture

Channel 102 - XL

Faction Talk

Channel 103 - XL

Today Show Radio
The TODAY Show — All Day

Channel 108

SiriusXM Stars
Pop Culture and Lifestyle Talk

Channel 109 - XL

Doctor Radio
Real Doctors, Real People

Channel 110

Joel Osteen
Messages of Hope

Channel 128

Road Dog Radio
Trucking Talk

Channel 146

Radio Classics
Classic Radio Shows

Channel 148

SiriusXM Business Radio
Business Radio

Channel 132

CNBC Simulcast

Channel 112

FOX Business
FOX Business Simulcast

Channel 113

FOX News Channel
FOX News Simulcast

Channel 114

FOX News Headlines 24/7
FOX News Headlines, 24/7

Channel 115

CNN Simulcast

Channel 116

HLN Simulcast

Channel 117

MSNBC Simulcast

Channel 118

Bloomberg Radio
Business News

Channel 119

BBC World Service
World News

Channel 120

NPR News & Conversation

Channel 122

SiriusXM Rural Radio
Agriculture/Western Lifestyle

Channel 147

Politics from All Perspectives

Channel 124

SiriusXM Patriot
Conservative Talk

Channel 125

Urban View
Talk that Empowers

Channel 126

SiriusXM Progress
Progressive Talk

Channel 127

Frequently Asked Questions
“NEVER MISS A BEAT OFFER” with 3 Months Free Platinum Plan Service

You simply purchase the radio and activate the radio. If you call SiriusXM to subscribe, mention “Never Miss A Beat” offer, to receive your first 90 days of Platinum Plan (Satellite & Streaming) service. A $15 activation fee and credit card is required. You must purchase a recurring monthly plan of service to our Platinum Plan. You will begin paying for your subscription at the beginning of the 4th month.

The savings is more than $68! This includes the current monthly rate of Platinum Plan programming, currently $22.99/mo. Fees and taxes apply.

With our Platinum Plan you can listen in your car and streaming on your phone, at home and online. You’ll enjoy over 350 channels of news, entertainment, comedy and every major sport, play-by-play and talk. Plus ad-free music, for every genre and decade, plus streaming channels for your party, workout and more, exclusive Podcasts, and SiriusXM video.

Activate the receiver with a new monthly Platinum Plan subscription directly with SiriusXM by 12/31/21 and receive your first 3 months free. This offer cannot be combined with any other and can be modified or terminated at any time.

No, there is no longer an Early Termination Fee associated with this program.

Yes, If you are replacing an existing radio on your account please cancel the existing radio and Activate the New Radio as a NEW subscription. DO NOT SWAP subscriptions as this may cause an issue in receiving the 3 Months Free Promo.

Yes, as long as you have not used up your total of 3 service transfers that all lifetime subscriptions are subject to. A transfer fee of $60 will be charged and your lifetime subscription will be transferred to your new radio based on the subscription package you previously had.

If you purchased your Lifetime subscription

  • Before June 20, 2005: Yes, it is transferable from one radio to another any number of times.*
  • From June 20, 2005 until September 7, 2007: Yes, your Lifetime subscription is transferable a maximum of three times.*
  • On or after September 8, 2007: Lifetime subscriptions associated with home, portable or dock & play radios can be transferred a maximum of three times.* Lifetime subscriptions first associated with or transferred to radios installed in vehicles by automakers or dealers are NOT transferable unless the radio is stolen, accidentally damaged or defective.
Once a lifetime subscription associated with a home, portable, or dock & play radio is transferred to a radio installed by an automaker or dealer, the subscription becomes non-transferable. Otherwise, Lifetime subscriptions associated with a home, portable or dock & play radio can be transferred a maximum of three times, for a fee.*

Please call 1-866-635-2349 to make the transfer. Read more about Lifetime Plans in our Customer Agreement. Please note that Lifetime subscriptions are no longer being offered to new subscribers.

You must cancel your subscription during your free months to avoid being charged. After the initial free 3-month period, your subscription will automatically renew and your credit card will be charged each month thereafter at the then-current monthly rate (currently $22.99/mo). Fees and taxes apply. Please see our Customer Agreement at www.siriusxm.com for complete terms and how to cancel, which includes calling SiriusXM at 1-866-635-2349.

Offer Details
3 Months Free Platinum Plan Service on Any SiriusXM Radio